Tuesday, October 16, 2012


For the next few days I won't be at the park, because I'll be doing these presentations at SDSU:

The poster images are all from a series I did last year called The Mechanic Dreamed He Was a Tea Master. Ceramic stoneware vessels mixed with salvaged metals. This series will be featured in a book that will be published next year: Wood-Fired Ceramics: 100 Contemporary Artists

All of the pieces on the poster were wood-fired in a Japanese style kiln for eight days, unglazed. So those colors and textures are only from the wood ash and gases; a typical appearance from wood-fueled kilns, and one that can't really be replicated in gas or electric kilns.

Big thank you to Richard Burkett, SDSU ceramics professor, for putting together this poster. 

Interested in more about wood-fired ceramics? Here's a great book, and it happens to highlight the very kiln where I fired these works. Complete with kiln plans, in case you want to build your own. 

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