Thursday, October 18, 2012

Halfway there....

This morning I wrote a long post, with TONS of pictures....and then blogger was uncooperative. After a couple of hours struggling with it, I can write and publish again, but am still unable to include pictures. Hope to resolve this before I leave San Diego...

Yes, I'm wrapping up my time here. Less than a week, then home to my studio for the remainder of the residency, where I expect a marathon of sculpture, firing, sleep-deprivation, and assembly. Squeezed between election work, and TAing a 3-d design class. Somewhere in there, there's a holiday. Maybe I can talk someone else into cooking for the family. Or we could all jump on that new trend of eating out at a restaurant on Thanksgiving.

My total residency is about 77 days, if I count from when I first arrived to just before the exhibition opens. That's not including packing/driving days, or exhibit installation days. Only "working days". Which means that today is exactly halfway through the residency. But nowhere near halfway to being ready! I still have a long way to go. From this point on, it's all finishing and refining projects; alas the inspiration part is temporarily over. I have to put blinders on now, to better focus on finishing everything I've started. This means these last few days here I won't be at the park very often. I'm grinding, washing, patinating, painting, coating, cleaning, cutting, and generally hustling like crazy.

After the exhibition opens, I'll post pictures, information, and titles for all the pieces, but here's a little preview of what to expect:

1) Six mixed-media paintings about the rocky intertidal. Each 8 inches square, on cradled panel.

2) A large pedestal-top mixed-media sculpture about human interaction with the intertidal ecology.

3) One sculpture that's large enough it doesn't need a pedestal, about marine debris. Title: Pickle.

4) Very large ceramic and metal sculpture featuring the landscape and vegetation of Cabrillo. Again, large enough not to need a pedestal; will sit on the floor.

5) A large piece on the kelp forest ecology that will include ceramic sculptures of animals as well as metal. I don't want to say a lot about this, but there will be otters at Cabrillo again.

6) Two ceramic and metal egret/heron sculptures...87) A cormorant sculpture...8) Two pelican sculptures...9) Two other shorebird sculptures.

10) Several ceramic sculptures of raptors.

11) A couple of "vessel" sculptures, fairly big, featuring the geology of Cabrillo.

12) Several small ceramic studies and models.

13) Four mixed-media panels as one artwork, again relating to marine debris.

14) An interactive sound sculpture.

15) A wood sculpture. I'm hoping this can be installed outdoors.

and finally 16) a very large, outdoor sculpture of found materials.

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