Friday, August 17, 2012


I've been selected as an Artist in Residence at Cabrillo National Monument for this fall!

As a what?

Art residencies are creative retreats away from the usual home or studio, intended to provide new artistic inspiration and opportunities to make connections with communities that might not otherwise interact with artists. Offered around the world by many different organizations, they're also quite diverse, with a wide variety of support structures and missions, serving many different types of communities. If you're a visual artist, writer, composer or musician, dancer or performing artist, there's probably a residency for you.

I feel very lucky to be a part of the National Park Service's art program, particularly at Cabrillo. San Diego has a special place in my heart. I grew up there, and the endangered coastal sage scrub, the type of ecosystem that's found through much of the park, remains one of my favorite landscapes. It has a very subtle, quiet beauty, and subdued colors -- the kinds of colors that remind you of things you can't quite name.

I'll begin my residency in early September, and continue through the fall. I believe there's to be an exhibition of the artworks in December. Although the artworks I make at Cabrillo will provide documentation of my time there, this blog is meant to be a companion to the art, and I'll be making regular postings while I'm in San Diego.


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